Tió de Nadal - a Catalan Christmas Tradition Explained.

Ever wondered what's that piece of log with a red hat, a blanket, and a smiley face? You're in the right place!

In this article we'll explain what Tió de Nadal is, what we do with it, and show you a few hilarious videos of this tradition being explained worldwide by some celebrities.

And as a bonus track, at the very end of the article, you'll find the lyrics to the Caga Tió song, both in Catalan and English. You really want to scroll all the way down for that.


Caga tió Tió de Nadal | Catalan Words


What is Tió de Nadal?

Tió de Nadal (Christmas log) or commonly (and wrongly) known as well as Caga Tió (shitting log), is a unique Catalan Christmas tradition

What do you do with it?

A few days before Christmas day and once we have Tió all ready, we feed it. Normally adults and children put some food in front of it and after some time the food disappears.

Children will be surprised to see how Tió ate it all! During those days, adults keep on putting presents under the blanket, symbolising that Tió is getting fat from eating.

Once Christmas day arrives all we need is a stick so we can hit Tió as hard as we can while singing a song. The song basically asks Tió to poop some presents. Yes, you heard it right. 

It will be sung as many times as wished, and every time it finishes children will put their hands under the blanket and pull out a present

📺 Watch actor Viggo Mortensen explaining Tió de Nadal on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

📺 Watch actress Kate McKinnon talking about our beloved tradition on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

📺 Watch comedian Jim Gaffigan trying to understand what's Tió de Nadal all about.


And as promised, here are the lyrics to the Caga Tió song. Please note that there are different versions of it, this one being one of the most commonly used:


Caga tió,

avellanes i torró,

no caguis arengades

que són massa salades,

caga torrons

que són més bons.

Caga tió,

ametlles i torró,

i, si no

vols cagar,

et donaré un cop de bastó!

Caga tió!



Shit, tió,

hazelnuts and nougats,

do not shit herrings,

they are too salty,

shit nougats

they taste better.

Shit, tió,

almonds and nougats,

and if you don't want to shit

I will hit you with a stick!

Shit, tió!



Do you have any questions or want to share your experiences with Tió de Nadal? Please let us know in the comments below! 👇

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Doncs a la plana de Vic es canta, com s’ha cantat SEMPRE: Tió, Tió. Caga Torrons, d’avellanes i de pinyons. No caguis arengades, que són massa salades, caga torrons, que són MÉS BONS! (M’estic emocionant escrivint aquestes paraules). VISCA LA PLANA DE VIC I ELS VIGATANS!


The first video is not correct, it’s no uncle, tió is just a log.
We don’t put it on a table, he remains on the floor in the living room.

núria trulls i serra

Els vídeos son brutals! 😍


I always called it Caga Tió, but I guess it’s just Tió?? Thanks!

Hannah S.

A Banyoles també cantem “ Tió, Tioo! Caga turrons, d’aquells tant bons. Si no en tens més, caga diners. Si no en tens prou, caga un ou!


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