30+ Essential Catalan Phrases And Expressions You Need To Know.

Essential Catalan phrases and expressions | Catalan Words


Whether you're an expat who once came to Catalonia and never left (ohh aren't we lovely), or a tourist who's visiting Barcelona and its surroundings for just a few days, Catalan people will love to hear you speaking - or at least trying - some Catalan.

Here are some of the most useful Catalan words, phrases, and expressions that will help you get started.

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  1. Hello - Hola
  2. Goodbye - Adeu
  3. See you later - Fins després
  4. See you soon - Fins aviat
  5. Good morning - Bon dia
  6. Good afternoon - Bona tarda
  7. Good evening - Bon vespre
  8. Good night - Bona nit

Being Polite

  1. Please - Si us plau
  2. Thank you - Gràcies or Merci
  3. Thank you very much - Moltes gràcies
  4. You're welcome - De res
  5. I'm sorry - Ho sento 

Making friends

  1. How are you? - Com estàs?
  2. It's nice to meet you - Molt de gust
  3. What's your name? - Com et dius?
  4. My name is Marta - Em dic Marta
  5. Where are you from? - D'on ets?
  6. Would you like a drink? - T'agradaria beure alguna cosa?
  7. Let's meet up later? - Quedem després?
  8. Cheers! - Salut!

For foodies

  1. I'm hungry - Tinc gana
  2. I'm thirsty - Tinc set
  3. A table for two please - Una taula per dos si us plau
  4. The menu - La carta
  5. A glass of wine - Una copa de vi
  6. Beer - Cervesa o Canya
  7. Bon appetit! - Bon profit!
  8. That was delicious! - Estava boníssim!
  9. The check, please - El compte, si us plau
  10. The tip - La propina


Are there any other Catalan words, phrases, or expressions you'd like to learn? Please let us know in the comments below! 👇

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Hi again! I forgot to mention it here, but the Catalan girl whom I wanted to ask out and I are now dating 🥰 Estic molt enamorat 😚

P.s: I’m the same Chris who posted a comment here back on Jan 10!


I would be direct and say: ‘l’altre dia vaig escoltar una cançó a la ràdio que es deia ‘Boig per tu’ i em vas venir al cap. Quedem per fer un vinet i m’ajudes a entendre la lletra?’ . Good luck! Please report back on your progress.

Imma Salmeron

Hi Chris, it’s so sweet that you want to use Catalan words ❤️ That’s a good point! You can use a simple “ t’agradaria anar a prendre alguna cosa /al cinema / al teatre junts?” Or “ t’ agradaria que ens veiéssim algun dia per anar a sopar/ dinar/ passejar/ cinema ? “ sort!!!!


Hi Chris! You can simply say to her ’t’agradaria anar a prendre alguna cosa amb mi?’ 👏


I want to ask out a Catalan girl who I really like… can you recommend me a sweet way to do it in Catalan? 🙈😊


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