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Every year on the 23rd of April Catalan people celebrate Sant Jordi, arguably one of the most beautiful days in Catalonia. In this article, we'll let you know everything about it, and stick around until the end of it to learn a few Catalan words and expressions for this day!

It’s the day of roses and books, love and culture, and somehow it also marks the beginning of spring. So whether you have a special one to spend it with, friends, family, or even just by yourself, it will fill your heart and soul with good vibes. 

The legend of Sant Jordi aka Saint George is telling the story of a brave knight who selflessly killed a dragon to free the town from it and save the beautiful princess. When he lanced into the dragon bushes of roses sprang out of the spilling blood, which is the reason why gifting red roses has been a custom for Catalans ever since

Browse the busy streets of any town or village in Catalonia, and you’ll find beautifully decorated booths and stands, usually run by locals, selling books and roses for little money on every corner.

While on Valentine’s Day it’s all about the biggest bouquets, the shiniest diamonds or the most expensive dinner dates, you’ll quickly figure out that Catalans rather keep it simple. The tradition states that girls receive a single rose - mostly red, it can also be yellow - representing the colours of the Catalan flag, and men will be gifted with a book. Nowadays though, we encourage book and roses for everybody, regardless of the gender.

As the weather in Catalonia tends to be already very nice at the end of April (hopefully it opens up today!), find yourself a pretty spot outside - at the beach, in the park or on a sunny terrace and enjoy the first pages of your newly purchased or gifted book. You’ll see there are plenty of people either reading one silently or sharing it with others. 

If Barcelona is your chosen city to spend Sant Jordi, don’t miss out on walking up and down Rambla de Catalunya, or passing by Casa Batlló, an architectural masterpiece of one of the most famous Catalans Antoni Gaudí. The building is in fact inspired by the myth of Sant Jordi, so usually you will see how its facade looks like the skin of a dragon, but for this special Catalan celebration it’s completely covered in roses. 


Casa Batlló per Sant Jordi. Roses i Llibres. Façana. Antoni Gaudí. Catalan Words.


All in all, Sant Jordi is a day for everyone, families and children who always enjoy a beautiful fairytale with a happy end, proud Catalans who embrace their culture, bookworms and literature lovers.

And as promised, here's some useful Catalan words and expressions for Sant Jordi day in Catalonia.

  • Sant Jordi - Saint George
  • Feliç Diada de Sant Jordi - Happy Saint George's Day
  • T'estimo - I love you
  • Rosa - Rose
  • Flors - Flowers
  • Llibre - Book
  • Lletraferit - Bookworm
  • Enamorats - Lovers
  • Cultura - Culture
  • Amistat - Friendship
  • Compartir - To share

What's your favourite thing about Sant Jordi? Please let us know in the comments below! 👇✍️

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